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dead source23362 safe1708718 artist:quizia133 starlight glimmer48715 trixie67563 pony969802 unicorn324369 equestria girls200789 animated98746 clothes460430 collar33207 cup6314 cute200156 daaaaaaaaaaaw3908 diatrixes3119 duo61537 eyes closed93771 female1365231 food70244 frame by frame4092 gif31110 glimmerbetes3837 long sleeves443 loop5265 moe1340 open mouth146305 pleated skirt4059 quizia is trying to murder us32 salt shaker60 skirt39838 smiling249144 teacup2917 that pony sure does love teacups298 toy21947 younger17403


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Ah, I've obviously been putting off watching the latest season for too long.
Sadly I ain't got any one to watch it with, feels empty to watch alone.
Thanks for the info.