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What do you do when you have a crush on somepony? I'm asking for a… friend — who is clueless when it comes to the romance. — asklevee

~Everyone is different so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Firstly, never come off too strong. Treat people just as they are, people.

You wouldn’t go up to someone in real life and be like “h-hi you’re cuteeeee, are you single? owo” This might be fun and silly to do but kinda derails the fact that you’re seriously interested in someone.

TCompliments are nice. Do they have a hobby? Compliment something you admire about that hobby “Man, that (insert whatever here) you do is pretty awesome”

If they post a photo or mention they’re wearing something new. “You look good! That color looks amazing on you.” as opposed to “OMG SO HAWT MMM”

Don’t sell yourself short. If they ask you about yourself don’t instantly put yourself down “oh i’m not that great”, “i’m a loser”. That’s unfair both to yourself and the person you like. Why would you want them to have a faulty product.

If a salesman went up to you trying to sell you something but said “oh but it doesn’t work very well and breaks easily”. You probably wouldn’t buy it.

That being said, it’s okay to have flaws, everyone has them, but don’t use them to sell yourself. Instead talk about things you do like about yourself in a positive light.

Treat everyone as an individual. Never generalize. “girls like flowers therefore this person will like flowers!” NAH.

I’ve never gotten the “play hard to get” thing, and personally think that’s dumb.

Make em laugh. Laughter is like the strongest thing imo :p

And lastly because I’m rambling too much, if it doesn’t work out, never hold a grudge on them or on love in general.

I’ve seen waaaay to many people go “I like this person, but they don’t like me, therefore love is stupid, and I’m going to be forever alone!”

OH one more thing, engage in conversation

It’s easy to overlook someone who just says “hi, whats up? nothing? cool. bye”

Ask em questions about themselves, tell them a story, anything to keep the conversation a bit more interesting than “whats up” and “not much”~