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i'm still figuring out tags but hey this is the first pic i uploaded myself without people taking it from my FA
any tag help will be appreciated
safe1750520 artist:ursa70 princess luna100786 alicorn232895 anthro269572 unguligrade anthro50254 backlighting952 beautiful5781 breasts288710 cape10734 cloak4444 clothes475995 cloud32086 ethereal mane8463 eyes closed98070 featured image908 female1401878 flying39419 full moon3556 galaxy mane1173 hood1373 hoof shoes5772 mare502196 moon24100 night27353 sky14970 solo1094372 spread wings57063 starry mane4554 stars16290 stormcloud226 wings123119


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Let the sunset shimmer
When I saw this picture, somehow this quote came to my mind:

"Listen to them, children of the night. What music they make."

Must be the cloak, the pose infront of the moon (which reminds me of howling wolves) and the general theme.
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Sleep isn't real.
Fucking aye! It's the Ursa! God, they have a freaking beautiful art style. They really deserved to be featured.

Definitely. Like their anthro art has such a distinct style and it looks really nice. <3