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safe1707950 artist:racoonsan552 derpy hooves50182 twilight sparkle300523 alicorn224738 human154786 pegasus292368 :o3760 anklet920 basket3087 bedroom eyes59432 breasts278037 clothes460173 column225 cute200037 cutie mark on human1958 derpabetes2670 derpy's sacrifice25 dress44599 duo61484 equestrian pink heart of courage153 eyeshadow15646 feet39955 female1364524 food70204 grin38598 horned humanization6775 humanized100117 jewelry63834 legs8310 lidded eyes30747 makeup21516 muffin6433 necklace18822 new crown290 open mouth146149 sandals4279 side slit1399 smiling248905 spread wings54773 toga247 twiabetes11770 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123752 wide eyes17060 winged humanization8697 wings107658


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