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safe (1429032)artist:evilfrenzy (434)princess luna (88002)oc (525069)oc:cruithne (37)oc:femzy (17)oc:frenzy (135)alicorn (163489)anthro (200590)unguligrade anthro (37358)unicorn (203202)absurd resolution (61329)age regression (1202)alicorn oc (17802)baby (7632)baby pony (5381)birthday (2024)birthday cake (633)cake (7931)diaper (10822)equestria girls outfit (1331)foal (12392)food (51097)laughing (6148)offspring (28753)parent:oc:frenzy (37)parent:princess luna (1652)parents:canon x oc (1523)


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