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safe (1411456)artist:evilfrenzy (427)princess luna (87220)oc (517241)oc:cruithne (36)oc:femzy (17)oc:frenzy (133)absurd res (61011)age regression (1187)alicorn (159548)alicorn oc (17468)anthro (197677)baby (7520)baby pony (5317)birthday (2000)birthday cake (621)cake (7819)diaper (10714)equestria girls outfit (1320)foal (12217)food (49838)laughing (6048)offspring (28330)parent:oc:frenzy (36)parent:princess luna (1628)parents:canon x oc (1510)unguligrade anthro (36723)unicorn (196853)


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