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[Monochrome] Wake Up

"To Wake your non-blood relate brother up, anime fan service style"

So many day now that I tried to draw an arts like a proper Japaneses manga. Even if I’m not sure if it come out good or not…But it’s still fun to do a new thing for change anyway.

3 more naughty continue of incest mating between two non-blood relate sibling in monochrome style can be found early on Patreon

Color version of all 4 version can be found on Patreon as well.
suggestive (109615)artist:vavacung (1993)spike (65755)twilight sparkle (253509)barb (1347)barbshine (36)dragon (34538)dusk shine (1989)female (725265)kneeling (6232)male (246841)monochrome (132449)older (16923)older spike (3302)pseudoincest (12)rule 63 (22207)shipping (159063)straight (106486)unicorn (190498)

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Background Pony #3E94
By "Found Early" Does that mean it will be released on a later date to the Public?
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