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suggestive148362 edit135849 edited screencap67189 screencap227216 adagio dazzle13253 alumnus shining armor219 aria blaze10019 dean cadance1172 indigo zap2523 lemon zest3226 princess cadance33138 princess celestia96742 princess luna100764 principal abacus cinch979 principal celestia3606 shining armor23641 sonata dusk13817 sour sweet3391 sugarcoat3389 sunny flare2775 vice principal luna2586 equestria girls206911 friendship games12826 rainbow rocks18535 death5480 death by snu snu154 female1401384 futurama866 harem933 image macro37470 implied sex6187 lucky bastard1733 male387831 meme83353 shadow five651 shining armor gets all the mares282 straight140284 the dazzlings4464 this will end with sex18


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The Hell?
Cinch: The Canterlotians will be divided into three groups. The one called "Big Mac" will be snu-snu'd by the large women. He that is designated [Let's say] "Timber Spruce" will be snu-snu'd by the petite women…