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Commission for Calpain
source needed (11228)explicit (282034)artist:ralek (1211)oc (524502)oc:calpain (224)oc only (363479)oc:turquoise (285)pegasus (187643)pony (695206)abstract background (9228)absurd resolution (61306)ahegao (18343)anal (22864)backsack (1338)balls (57906)beaker (169)chest fluff (25692)chromatic aberration (1238)colored hooves (3173)dark genitals (8027)dialogue (50573)domination (1295)ear piercing (16857)erection (8807)eyebrow piercing (556)gauges (257)gay (22710)heart (37819)horsecock (51384)hotdogging (1522)lube (1324)male (257547)males only (2802)nudity (294390)oc x oc (11100)open mouth (104004)penetration (41244)penis (121478)penis size difference (490)petri dish (12)piercing (28323)pills (268)rear view (7855)sex (93780)shipping (164233)sissy (584)sissyfication (98)size difference (10621)stallion (72854)table (7011)taint (4354)text (40504)tight fit (290)tongue out (75704)transformation (8083)turquoise is being a dick again (31)urethra (2198)wing piercing (191)

not provided yet


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #B042
Check out the eyelashes. Smaller cock too. Calpain is getting progressively more sissified.

Of course, getting fucked by Turq will make any man his bitch. Turq could fuck Hulk Hogan into a kawaii slut.
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KingGingy's avatar

(Previously known as iEspeon)

King Phoenix Embers
First, this is super hot. But, and I don’t know if it’s me being dumb, does the text say "make a great mare"? And if so, I can’t really tell what the potion actually did…
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