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Sunset Shimmer request, she learned some magic of friendship for sure!
explicit375768 artist:twiren344 sunset shimmer66855 twilight sparkle313131 pony1146589 unicorn366977 adorasexy10570 clothes497827 cunnilingus10279 cute213487 cute porn6540 female1453030 heart eyes18343 lesbian102151 oral52247 sex131490 sexy32488 shipping212217 socks71942 striped socks22859 sunsetsparkle4519 tongue out113672 unicorn twilight20315 vaginal secretions42304 wingding eyes24643


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@Background Pony #0FEB  
maybe this version of Twilight was learning about friendship, but after she had a very hot slumber party with Applejack and Rarity, she went down the path of “Sex is Magic” instead.
So she spread her legs to others, teaching them the value of hot sex and fetishes.
Background Pony #A7CE
You know what’s really weird is…this is pre-Alicorn Twilight. So she really must have convinced her with pussy instead of magical friendship lasers!
Background Pony #A7CE
“I convinced her with pussy. My pussy, of course. Friendship with benefits.”
Background Pony #B3A1
The color-coded text makes the second one impossible.  
Sunset will be a good girl to get to eat out Twilight.  
But she’ll also be a bad girl, because bad girls “get punished”.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
One thing I wonder - is Sunny promising that she’ll be a good pony and eat Twiley regularly from now on, or is Twiley promising to be a good pony from now on as long as Sunny keeps eating her? ;)