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Jasmine Leaf, the tea shop pony from Discordant Harmony, is probably one of the cutest new characters to show up in season 7 yet she barely has any fan art. What better way to show a tea pone some love than through some good old fashioned teabagging.
Enjoy >:3
explicit388958 artist:omegaozone198 jasmine leaf217 oc776834 earth pony312677 pony1204644 animated106397 balls87558 balls fetish1173 bipedal40318 blowjob35019 blush sticker2941 blushing221655 drool27759 drool string6402 ear fluff37147 facefuck2437 faceless male5168 female1500149 fetish45051 frame by frame4179 horsecock79242 male422476 mare556460 medial ring7860 no pupils4708 nudity419148 offscreen character39642 on back27397 oral53912 penis173384 pubic fluff4291 sexy34287 speech bubble27690 stallion132436 straight149975 table10292 teabagging95 throat swabbing1173 tongue out118265


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@Background Pony #D45A  
While it may be technically incorrect, language evolves, and since “teabagging” is most popular in videogames and involves just literally crouching over a corpse and not full-on balls-in-mouth, most people probably don’t bother to look up the specific meaning and just go off the assumption that it involves balls resting upon someone.
Background Pony #399F
>makes unironic statement in response to unironic question  
>is proven wrong  
>makes excuse that everyone does it anyways and it never mattered in the first place
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That would mean most of the pics under the teabagging tag are incorrect as well then since a lot of them feature balls on the face and not in the mouth. It’s all just silly semantics anyway.
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Silly Pegasi Pone
@Bloo Bender  
actually if we want the truth? teabagging only has 1 definition in the dictionary
verb (used with object), tea-bagged, tea-bag·ging. Slang.  
to place one’s scrotum in the mouth of (one’s sexual partner).
got it straight outta
and urbandictonary has the same definition, putting a mans balls in your mouth.
Its a common misconception some people/pones make for teabagging.
No balls in mouth, no teabag, just a regular old blowjob.
Background Pony #2F08
This might not be the kind of tea bagging she meant though she certainly isn’t against it.
Background Pony #B0DF
She’s going to only be able to smell ball sweat for the rest of the day.