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Jasmine Leaf, the tea shop pony from Discordant Harmony, is probably one of the cutest new characters to show up in season 7 yet she barely has any fan art.
Enjoy >:3
safe1770670 artist:omegaozone195 jasmine leaf202 earth pony274825 pony1030695 animated101965 blush sticker2689 blushing207496 clothes482991 cute208159 dialogue69052 ear fluff32332 explicit source5027 female1419297 food74174 frame by frame4164 grin42001 looking at you178699 mare511442 no pupils4282 offscreen character36381 omegaozone is trying to kill us1 pov14670 scarf24162 smiling267060 solo1109181 speech bubble24916 squigglevision308 tea3151


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Background Pony #75A7
So even this guy has started doing porn. Sometimes I wonder why I even came back to the fandom?