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Background Pony #7B31
Well, we can’t be really sure to what degree Monika Nikodem did art in those comics. She could have just been good at assembling pieces found on the internet together into halfway decent images. That was still an improvement to what we had had before.

The latest one with Sugar Belle was made by Marta Kostrzewa. Now that’s actual original art. I mean, it’s not the level you would expect from IDW, but it actually looks pretty nice. A proper artist now should let Egmont have a bigger variety of expressions and characters than before (recolors didn’t counted). But I couldn’t find anything about her background, so I’m not sure if it really is one of the people from the fandom that submitted their art to the publisher.
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✨Draw more Fleetfoot✨
I don’t remember changing my name to that… Nor did the other dozen or so vectorists whose work they used.

I mean, I don’t mind that they do, given every non fanart image they do is… not great. But it’d be nice if they at least acknowledged it. I guess that like Gameloft they either don’t care or believe all these on-model vectors floating around the internet are just Hasbro clipart.
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