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Shadows of the Past is a continuation of my previous web Comic "Without Magic", in which Twilight was tasked with finding out out "what makes her special as a pony" outside of magic. You do not need to have read Without Magic in order to enjoy Shadows of the past, though some scenes will make more sense if you have.

Another short page this week, just to show that the Mane 6 aren't the only ponies in town.

Trigger Warning

Please see my disclaimer before reading\commenting, and be aware that this comic contains some darker or more political content that might be not be appropriate for Snowflakes\Millennial, people who are easily triggered, or those who cannot deal with ideas that conflict with their own.


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Frame Text

Some people have said that they can't read the background text on their phones as it's too small so I am including a transcript here.

Frame 1

Cheerilee: OK, class. That's Everything for today. If you're being collected by an adult, or have a safety buddy, go straight home and don't dawdle. Everypony else wait in the school yard. I will be out in a minute to walk you home.


Class 3-3 Defense Committee
Head of Countermeasures: A.N Otherpony

1) squiggle Squiggle empty seat at the back of the classroom.
2) squiggle squiggle Red balloon squiggle squiggle
3) squiggle squiggle Tentacles squiggle squiggle
4) squiggle squiggle Twilight Sparkle squiggle
5) squiggle squiggle Pinkie Pie squiggle Pinkie Pie squiggle squiggle Pinkie Pie
6) squiggle squiggle RUN.

Frame 2

Cheerilee: Scootaloo, are those nice mares from the orphanage coming to collect you today?

Frame 3

They're my aunts, so you and that stupid meme can both go bite me.

Frame 4

Applebloom: Wait, is y'all sure that they's canon?

Popout Frame

Scootaloo: I'm sure that my hoof jammed up your flank is about to be canon.


This comic was created using stock resources from Clip Studio Paint and Comipo, and uses some or all of the following components.


Digital Script BB Regular, by Blambot
Death Rattle, by Blambot
Badaboom, by Blambot


DV Brush set for Clip Studio Paint
My Little Pony Brush Set 1.0
My Little Pony Brush Set 2.0

Tutorials and Other Resources

Base speciality Pack
Tutorial: Convert Photoshop brush to Manga Studio
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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

< ( but why are there so many other foals living with them? )
( aunts! ) >
< ( but why do they call themselves your caretakers? )
( aunts! ) >
< ( but why is there a sign on their door with the word "orpha )
( aunts!! ) >