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update: fixed the shading and added some more details to the cheese and grease.

Original sketch by Stoic5

Side by side:

this is probably the best thing i've ever drawn and it's barely even my drawing
suggestive132571 artist:moonatik687 artist:stoic5595 color edit7303 derpibooru exclusive25761 edit123019 rainbow dash223981 pegasus257054 pony882630 blushing182477 box4334 cheese713 colored18279 female1285617 fetish36585 floating3683 floppy ears47808 food64250 grease44 lewd845 mare439221 not porn438 open mouth129788 pink background2520 pizza1783 pizza box292 simple background360931 sitting57468 solo1002994 suggestive eating452 that pony sure does love pizza100 tongue out94951 wat18633


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