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update: fixed the shading and added some more details to the cheese and grease.

Original sketch by Stoic5

Side by side:

this is probably the best thing i’ve ever drawn and it’s barely even my drawing
suggestive (115604)artist:moonatik (517)artist:stoic5 (575)color edit (6280)derpibooru exclusive (20714)edit (101611)rainbow dash (206107)pegasus (194633)pony (715576)blushing (156700)box (3709)cheese (637)colored (15491)female (777106)fetish (30477)floating (3002)floppy ears (41926)food (52425)grease (41)lewd (752)mare (345925)not porn (420)open mouth (106363)pink background (1722)pizza (1460)pizza box (209)simple background (295968)sitting (46911)solo (888128)suggestive eating (357)that pony sure does love pizza (67)tongue out (77261)wat (17730)

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