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Apogee’s Bedtime  
She could use some help getting ready for bed~  
Character belongs to Shinodage and is depicted to be of legal age  
explicit389512 artist:stargazer319 oc778152 oc only577066 oc:apogee883 pegasus356786 pony1207174 anatomically correct27353 anus109053 bed46357 blushing221982 both cutie marks11758 butt135935 butt freckles2294 clitoris31452 dock56933 female1502320 freckles33250 heart54920 looking at you196515 looking back67189 looking back at you19532 lying down26296 mare557826 nudity419760 older30359 on bed4814 on side7448 pegasus oc19777 pillow20715 plot95491 ponut50295 puffy vulva1592 rear view15452 smiling297484 solo1183933 solo female195618 tail wrap7210 vaginal secretions43775 vulva146349 vulvar winking13645 wings149164


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Ethereal Divide

Magic & art aficionado
This pretty mare is ready for bed, but definitely not ready to sleep. She needs to be tucked in properly, which in this case, involves more than simply pulling a blanket over her. This requires some personal, one-on-one attention.
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Thanks for all the kind words guys! Just a reminder to whomever added the foalcon tag that she’s actually aged up in this image, so that does not apply.