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So here I am again, back with holiday spirits  
Trust me, your holiday won’t be perfect without these ponies
Clean version without the background is available down here, in case you guys love simplicity  
Vectors used:  
Twilight Sparkle:  
Trixie, Spike, Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash:
Applejack: Somewhere in the internet  
Pinkie Pie:  
Starlight Glimmer:
Background used:  
Nightmare Moon’s Castle:  
Sunset Read it and Weep:  
Bridge of the Seabreeze:  
Sugarcube Corner:  
View of Ponyvile:  
Rainbow Falls Training Ground:  
Las Pegasus and Docking Area:  
Carousel Boutique:
Stock background: Somewhere in the internet
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safe1755462 artist:antylavx143 artist:bluefluffydinosaur37 artist:dashiesparkle1270 artist:deyrasd66 artist:luckreza8891 artist:tardifice813 artist:teiptr49 applejack173637 fluttershy217669 pinkie pie220597 rainbow dash239034 rarity186021 spike80625 starlight glimmer49893 sunset shimmer64975 trixie68844 twilight sparkle306689 alicorn233658 dragon58978 earth pony268001 pegasus310933 pony1015407 unicorn344374 female1406158 male389565 mane seven6693 mane six32657 mare504386 mountain5384 mountain range626 scenery8256 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126398 wallpaper18877


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