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My Life As A Short Dragon 08

"My Life As A Guardian Of Harmony"

Spike is an adult. But nopony know about it because his short status fool them all. (His small size cause by lack of meat and greed). And ever since he hit puberty. He start to see ladies around him in the new light…Something he didn’t notice before…


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suggestive (118377) artist:vavacung (2055) queen chrysalis (30404) spike (70712) changeling (35321) dragon (42095) comic:my life as a short dragon (108) armor (19835) blood (20820) bugbutt (1052) chryspike (47) female (807705) guardians of harmony (430) lance (263) male (274990) nosebleed (2007) plot (67701) shipping (171496) straight (113552) toy interpretation (208) weapon (24341)


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Background Pony #6755
you fiend…I agree with spike [nosebleed] you play dirty…you have a wonderful butt queen chrysalis y////y[cover eyes while blushing]~ziltromon
Background Pony #A4CF
Would be better if Chrysalis knows his weakness and actually uses her butt to defeat him x3
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Young Leosword
Cap could probably use his shield as a wheel, if he knew The Spin.

(The preceding reference is fairly obscure, so I’d advise if needed to look up the fight between Johnny Joestar and Pork Pie Hat Kid. ^3^; )