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stay for the autism
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Prometheus labs CEO
Wallet After Summer Sale

@Sound Mind
Good point, but al least if book stores at still around and some survived then they’d be given that as an advantage. and you wouldn’t necessarily need to know metalworking, just attach some sharp pieces of scrap to the end of a stick and you got a mace
Sound Mind
@Prometheus labs CEO
Yes there would be metal in existence, but how many people actually know how to do Metalworking in this day and age? The existence of the thing doesn’t change the fact that most people would be forced to resort to re-learn it like our knuckle-dragging ancestors did.
And don’t bank on that "Advanced Devices" thing. Remember, nukes mean EMPs too Which will mean the death of 99% of man’s wondrous technology.

@Data Expunged
Even crap sequels get mad audiences bro. Look at the Transformers movies.
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