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safe (1486982) artist:silfoe (1524) princess celestia (86094) alicorn (175891) pony (765458) royal sketchbook (614) blushing (162316) cute (160071) cutelestia (2867) daaaaaaaaaaaw (2755) female (811538) horn (31123) mare (366699) simple background (310396) smiling (194044) solo (914933) transparent background (161887) wings (59236)


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22 comments posted
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
@Background Pony #075A
Tbh the dialog felt pretty in-character for her. The only problem is that she wasn't shown to have much of a enough interaction or even close proximity to Rarity beforehand, so it feels ingenuine. All the same, there's nothing wrong with a little shameless shipping ;)
Background Pony #C5AD
Great now I can put decent dialogues for me and not that bunch of BS from the original panel (Rarity I love you becuse I like your composed personality, your greedines and your cute mane!…please don't make Celestia say such things) :3
Background Pony #92EA
The pic it´s so good but to think that she's blushing to Rarity it´s confounding me…
path d="M64.335 34.675c3.358 1.584 6.716.908 10.073 1.043-.265 13.078 19.05 19.74 31.58 4.16 6.077 6.273 24.776 2.28 12.42-18.66-12.88-21.833-42.605-11.287-61-.5l-7.25 11c-29.918 14.92-16.418 45.666-.75 57.625-12.967 2.522-6.234 30.16 9.904 24.894 18.84-6.147-1.986-51.066-7.78-62.644l1.495-11.736z" fill="#8F574D"/>
Background Pony #F281
Hugs her <3