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Thank you Tomatocoup for providing the project file. Original Derpibooru image here.
explicit361906 artist:legendanger53 artist:tomatocoup342 derpibooru exclusive29330 edit135991 princess ember6767 thorax4476 changedling8793 changeling49880 dragon58784 season 7926 triple threat1014 60 fps539 animated100922 beach16060 blinking3943 blushing204896 changeling on dragon action19 changeling x dragon107 cowgirl position7313 dragon lord ember1091 dragons breeding changelings34 embrax200 female1403375 interspecies23620 king thorax2976 looking at each other21493 male388532 moaning6322 penetration61118 sex125891 sex on the beach423 shipping205873 smug6272 softcore2327 sound9471 spread wings57173 straight140468 subtly explicit361 tsundember201 tsundere2951 vaginal41109 voice acting541 webm14385 wingboner8376 wings123452


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Gore Fics For Fun
It almost looks like she’s just grinding on him. Maybe he told her to get him hard but then shifted his cock away just to troll her. That’s why she looks so frustrated.
Background Pony #4BFA
Ember: “Come ON, stop fooling around! Your thrusts should be more assertive”!
Thorax: “Not until you stop holding back and start moaning”!
Ember: >>GRRRR~<<
Thorax: “Well, that’s a start”!
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@Background Pony #2F50  
I suppose I could, although I probably won’t share links publicly. I’d want permission from the original artist before sharing stuff I don’t own and it would also be nice to know what one planned to do with it. If you or anyone else is interested, feel free to message me here on Derpibooru.