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Well, several of you have been asking about her, and so it's with pleasure that I'm finally able to get her up here. Steampunk Rarity in all of her dreary Victorian glory!

This commission was done for the very tasteful ~Forderz, who came to me wanting a scene of wet-haired, steampunk Rarity out and about in the elements, and looking appropriately disgruntled for this fact. The picture was influenced to a certain extent by Forderz's fondness of this fabulous composition, ""Rarity IS Industry, which very much helped to inspire me in creating a proper mood for the piece.

Also, even though I knew that the manestyle at least would not be used I created a page of concept art for the piece, to ensure a better grasp on the outfit that I designed for Rarity. All in all, despite the many challenges I have to say I enjoyed working on this project immensely!

Alternate source

Higher-res version of >>2987 (Original upload date: March 31, 2012)
safe1680989 artist:whitediamonds478 rarity179558 pony943042 unicorn312724 clothes450372 commission65821 dress43624 ear piercing25346 factory248 feather5746 female1340162 hat84726 mare468433 monocle990 piercing39897 rain5987 solo1046606 steampunk1273 street734 top hat4108 wet7863 wet mane5123 wet mane rarity815


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