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explicit361904 artist:pia-sama1758 edit135990 princess celestia96827 alicorn233139 pony1012069 anthro269840 plantigrade anthro34681 armpits43410 barefoot28565 beautiful5793 belly button81439 big breasts86160 breasts289009 busty princess celestia10600 casual nudity7134 complete nudity4168 eyelashes12407 eyes closed98289 feet41637 female1403365 full body2352 mare502974 missing accessory8388 multicolored mane1690 multicolored tail1290 nipples175623 nudity382771 on back25065 pillow18676 praise the sun2090 sexy30727 sleeping23957 sleeping in the nude462 smiling261538 solo1095475 solo female183788 spread legs19956 spread wings57173 spreading19872 stupid sexy celestia1612 thighs15102 vulva132486 wings123451


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That's is my fetishes.
@Sr Pelusa
You have to replace the panties with something that the artist would not mind being posted. Unless you have draw good genitalia and get permission. Don’t.
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Well yeah I authorized this edit. But overall I admit them, except of they’re doing them because they think the body shape I chose is wrong, or if they decide to cut off Spike or things like that
Also, if they don’t gimme the proper credit for the original pic.
Background Pony #BEFD
Looks like a previous edit of this picture was deleted for rule 1. Perhaps the distinction should be made on the DNP thing, if that’s what Pia’s said.
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Good Doggo
Actually pia-sama is good with any edit, as long is not an edit where a sparity picture is turned into non sparity (for example like croping Spike out or recoloring him).
Basically that’s what she meant when she asked for no edits.