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Luna x Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer

Spike x Rarity

Rainbow Dash x Applejack

Discord x Fluttershy

Donut Joe x Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

Starlight Glimmer x RaRa (Countess Coloratura)
safe1638487 artist:tejedora51 applejack164491 cheese sandwich3889 coloratura2807 discord29729 donut joe771 fluttershy205573 pinkie pie209838 princess luna96490 rainbow dash226479 rarity175861 spike76620 starlight glimmer46499 sunset shimmer60021 twilight sparkle291635 alicorn210912 dragon52127 alicornified5063 appledash5603 bisexual5227 cheesejoe2 cheesepie1319 cheesepiejoe4 cologlimmer2 crack shipping3534 discoshy2630 female1304338 gay26074 hug26735 lesbian93043 lunashimmer44 lunashimmerlight7 male350799 mane seven6244 mane six30835 meme80210 older24879 ot3440 otp425 pinkie pie gets all the stallions40 pinkiejoe48 polyamory6501 race swap13595 rainbow power2761 shimmercorn623 shipping191439 sparity6422 starlicorn382 straight129889 sunsetsparkle4202 twiluna1494 winghug2725 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2305


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
@Spook Rooster
Before Cheese Sandwich and Party Favor appeared in the show, Donut Joe was a popular het choice for Pinkie Ships along with Pokey Pierce. I guess because the two of them work at a place where they make sweets was probably the reason why people liked pairing the two of them.
Background Pony #E3E7
Starlight and Rara is… not something you see everyday.

I'm surprised Discord didn't get in an OT3, but Donut Joe got into one, lol.

(As for the part where two more alicorns are in the picture? heh, works for me)