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Luna x Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer

Spike x Rarity

Rainbow Dash x Applejack

Discord x Fluttershy

Donut Joe x Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

Starlight Glimmer x RaRa (Countess Coloratura)
safe (1482546) artist:tejedora (49) applejack (152208) cheese sandwich (3426) coloratura (2557) discord (27551) donut joe (717) fluttershy (189575) pinkie pie (194431) princess luna (90217) rainbow dash (209411) rarity (162136) spike (70695) starlight glimmer (40048) sunset shimmer (52971) twilight sparkle (268984) alicorn (175033) dragon (42054) alicornified (4038) appledash (5028) bisexual (3537) cheesejoe (2) cheesepie (1074) cheesepiejoe (3) cologlimmer (2) crack shipping (3316) discoshy (2388) female (807396) gay (23699) hug (23563) lesbian (85903) lunashimmer (39) lunashimmerlight (7) male (274861) meme (75185) older (20419) ot3 (426) otp (421) pinkie pie gets all the stallions (39) pinkiejoe (48) polyamory (4759) race swap (11561) rainbow power (2552) shimmercorn (571) shipping (171457) sparity (6061) starlicorn (321) straight (113530) sunsetsparkle (4124) twiluna (1559) winghug (2445) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2134)


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Before Cheese Sandwich and Party Favor appeared in the show, Donut Joe was a popular het choice for Pinkie Ships along with Pokey Pierce. I guess because the two of them work at a place where they make sweets was probably the reason why people liked pairing the two of them.
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Starlight and Rara is… not something you see everyday.

I'm surprised Discord didn't get in an OT3, but Donut Joe got into one, lol.

(As for the part where two more alicorns are in the picture? heh, works for me)