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Done (sort of) in conjunction with yet another glorious smutfic written by ClopficsInTheComments, this time featuring my own OC and Sunset Shimmer.
I am not worthy of this magnitude of blessing.
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Sunset shimmer

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Little FIC I wrote for BMac115 using the above pictures. A little teaser below:

But as a human… Sunset felt… insatiable. Her desires had driven her to search out a boyfriend almost immediately upon her arrival. After a rather hurried coffee, Sunset decided to waste no more time and when the poor boy leaned over for a goodnight hug on their first date, she pushed him back into his driver’s seat instead.

Poor Flash had been the subject of Sunsets erotic assault: she pulled down his jeans and mounted him right then and there in her driveway, sliding his unfamiliar and strangely shaped penis into her and grinding away with abandon until the young man exploded in her.

It was… OK.

But it was sadly disappointing. Unfulfilling. Unfilling. She hadn’t been that upset to leave Flash behind after Twilight had entered her life. It had always been purely physical between the two — and he had never come close to measuring up.

But Sunset’s urges remained. Memories of her two romps as a young pony played back in her head again and again. They now seemed… larger than life. She daydreamed about those deep experiences and their gushing finishes.

Eventually, Sunset had used the internet to find a wonderful site that specialized in… substitutes for what she was looking for. She could still remember the palpable excitement she’d had as she’d torn open the large brown cardboard box, ripped off the packaging and slid the massive silicone tube into her. Her body strained and stretched to permit the girth and size — and even when it finally did yield and she fit the whole thing into her… it just wasn’t the same.

Sunset had finally drawn the line for her erotic proclivities one day while visiting Applejack’s farm. She’d wandered off from her friends and had found a handsome looking chestnut stallion… of the bestial variety. She’d watched him for a few minutes, breathing in the musky smell coming from his stall. She slid one hand down her blue jeans, her cold fingers contrasting sharply against the raw heat of her human pussy as she touched herself, imaging the chestnut stallion’s massive penis unfolding in front of her.

She’d been moments from unlatching the stall door to do unspeakable things to the handsome colt inside when Pinkie had thankfully popped her head around the corner and asked what she was up to, interrupting Sunset’s reverie and making her quickly jerk her hand out of her pants with a nervous blush.

From that day forward Sunset had taken to cold showers, relaxing music, and careful meditation whenever her urges arose. Surprisingly it had worked! With careful mental control, and her trademark strong will, she could keep those powerful, throbbing desires under control!

Until she’d gotten back into her pony body.