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In today’s update, Applejack finds that apple bucking ain’t the best way to take her mind off her brother’s endowment after all…

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suggestive (105747)artist:wild stallions (80)applejack (139452)big macintosh (23942)comic:letter for big mac (59)comic:letter for big mac. vol. 1 (39)apple (11761)appleballs (2)applecest (1596)applemac (890)apple tree (1712)big breasts (51297)breasts (184008)brother and sister (2358)bucket (1631)busty applejack (6189)censored (3103)eeyup (136)erect nipples (6199)explicit source (4322)female (682711)food (45553)front knot midriff (1089)funny porn (860)hallucination (135)hat (57973)human (122593)humanized (85722)implied balls (9)implied penis (204)implied scrotum (1)implied testicles (1)incest (10247)male (231102)midriff (15376)my little porno: friendship with benefits (77)nipple outline (4461)patreon (9055)patreon logo (6711)preview (1722)shipping (151411)straight (102292)sweet apple acres (1902)tree (20092)vulgar (17283)


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