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Magnet Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle <З mrrr
It was supposed to be a picture request, but I wanted to do a little work that could be touched. This is the second such similar work of polymer clay.
It turns out, this little story for you,
I am not accustomed to keep such things to myself, so would love to sell this magnet for a modest price. Or if someone wants personal work, let him write. I think we can agree.
safe (1109655)artist:hatredpolo (7)sunset shimmer (34252)twilight sparkle (207771)absurd res (36462)blushing (108318)clothes (245232)cute (93600)eyes closed (43062)female (409725)flower pot (90)glasses (30589)heart (26604)kissing (15181)kiss on the cheek (654)lesbian (60495)magnet (97)one eye closed (10383)plant (630)scarf (12578)shipping (121602)sunsetsparkle (3174)twiabetes (4771)

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