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Hey, remember these two pictures?

>>81467s >>81469s

This is what they were originally meant for.
safe1602177 artist:zutheskunk188 dinky hooves4220 princess celestia90571 alicorn203099 pony870660 unicorn279736 ...2149 absurd resolution63950 bipedal31293 blushing180252 bottle3674 clothes420396 cloud28173 confused4295 dialogue60262 drunk4495 drunk bubbles328 drunklestia142 duo51832 female1274529 firefighter168 flower23152 mare433594 older23898 screaming3056 sillestia289 silly7041 silly pony2864 sky12419 sun6050 telephone286 tongue out93405 vector71905


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #3904
I am the God of hellfire and i bring You Fire Crazy World of Arthur Brown 1968
Background Pony #4384
Ma'am, it's supposed to be on fire. That's the sun.

If the sun wasn't on fire anymore then the earth would be thrown out of it's orbit and flung into the deep cold void of space without the sun pulling it around with it's gravity pull and we'll all freeze to death within a few days due to sub-zero temperatures.

Now stop calling us unless you've got a real fire emergency. Good day ma'am.
Background Pony #A086
The way he draws ponies, like Celestia here, makes me think they are puppets with a puppeteer hand stuck into them. The way her body goes down to the edge of the page makes no sense from any point of view. It looks like lazy drawing.
Background Pony #9B87
Ma'am no it's not. Fire is the process of combustion resulting in rapid oxidation of the fuel source. The Sun is a nuclear process resulting from the fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium ones. No oxidation occurs there so it's not on fire. Hope that helps ma'am. Have a good day.