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@Background Pony #8CEE
Well, I would say more inspired — there are differences.

The artist admitted they were inspired by Aka-Ryuga's pictue, just couldn't find, and llatter confirmed when an dA commenter found it…
I did this drawing off of a reference given to me by the requester. So this may look familiar? To be truthful they never told me who did the image. So it may look similar to another piece. Either way, enjoy. <3
Update: Original is
3D User
Wallet After Summer Sale -

well then what's so wrong about this one? it just got uploaded "a day ago" give it some time to get upvotes, yes it already got downvotes but they are just people passing by and at least it doesn't reach the negative

@I cannot change my name because I've registered
Actually, many SciTwiShimmer images get high or moderate upvotes…from (fairly) recent times:


An example of very high upvote SciTwiShimmer image:

But I get you mean SciTwi Shimmer images in general deserve more upvotes, which is something I agree with :)
3D User
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Maybe people have their own taste and they don't want to leave images without a up/downvote I mean what if it's not their favorite pair? Or they are just random people downvoting anything they see. :/ also about it not getting so many upvote we can also tell by the "Scitwishimmer" tagged images that these barely get any upvote (or even the attention this ship deserve who know) so why won't it be the same for this one?

Which makes me really wonder why it doesn't have more upvotes, and why it has so much downvotes (nearly the number of one third of upvotes, and equall to half of the favorites this image has)… :(