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Gonna try to upload animations here as well. Hopefully this works.
safe (1411261)artist:sgtwaflez (103)artist:sirzi (307)oc (517165)oc:marussia (111)oc only (359846)animated (83851)braid (3864)deer (3539)deerified (164)deer oc (200)doe (173)female (744889)forest (7387)nation ponies (1108)russia (658)solo (865774)sound (4578)tree (21956)twin braids (53)webm (7029)


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Sgtwaflez's avatar

Its called Meekness, if you check the source it will have a link to the actual artist.
And I didn’t draw the deer, but sirzi did. The source will also have his link in the description.
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The Commissionist
nice! what´s the title of the msuic playing there? it really fits the pic .c. aaand how much does such a deer pony comsision costs?
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