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safe1917878 artist:magnaluna1195 princess luna107251 alicorn264175 pony1265521 :<1291 alternate universe11269 cheek fluff7539 chest fluff50524 coat markings8249 colored ears237 colored wings9094 curved horn8470 cute228198 ear fluff39548 ethereal mane10215 featured image1025 female1553475 flying45360 galaxy709 galaxy mane1298 leg fluff3709 lunabetes3886 mare587486 multicolored wings3676 solo1224795 spread wings70695 starry backdrop57 starry mane5601 stars19086 sweet dreams fuel1843 swirly markings61 wing fluff1880 wings162824


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@Background Pony #2991  
I started commissioning art because of her as inspiration, I loved more than any thing a couple of works from her, particularly my favourite: 1386988
Decided that it was worth it having pictures of what I treasure most in mlp which is my boyfriend and I’s roleplaying ship FleetDash so her art has had big role to me then at least ^^
She deserves all the spotlight derpibooru community can offer because she does incredible contribution to it.
Background Pony #1880
Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t mean to come across as sarcastic.  
In all seriousness, Magna truly does deserve the featured image because I feel her work has been of an exceptionally high quality for quite a while.
My comment was meant in the spirit of an underappreciated performer who has taken the long and arduous road to get to where they are and are only recently getting the (much-deserved) appreciation they are now recieving.
Sorry for my tl:dr post, but I’m quite passionate about MagnaLuna’s artwork; it’s some of my favourite.
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Luna Best Pony~
I became completely obsessed with Luna over the past 3 days and the link is actually my current active filter that filters out anything but decent Luna pictures