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AJ’s struggling to keep her pants up. I wonder why >.>

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Applejack caught her breath after trying to tug up her pants for the umpteenth time. Once again, she grit her teeth and heaved, trying with all her might to pull her jeans up over her jutting shelf of assmeat.

Her enormous ass cheeks billowed upward, pressing against the small of her back, but once again, she didn’t get her jeans over them. She sighed.

"Tarnation, I thought you’d stopped growin’! But ah ain’t beat that easily, no sir!"

She groaned and heaved, tugging again. She almost got them half-way up her oversized rear, but could go no further.

"Darn. An’ here ah was thinkin’ I’d stopped gettin’ bigger. Well, looks like Applebloom’s gonna have some more pants."

Yep, she had no use for these any more – her enormous backside was just too big. She’d have no choice but to give these to her younger sister, who was now rapidly gaining weight in her lower body just like her big sister, and go to Rarity for the third time this year.

After one last, fruitless tug, she gave up. There was just too much junk in her trunk.

She looked in the mirror behind her. Her ass really was getting gigantic.

"Won’t be long ’til Bloom is this big. An’ won’t be long after that that she’s even bigger."

Her thoughts went back to her own body as she ogled her giant behind. How much bigger could she get? She must be almost done growing… right?

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