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part of the meme

yes i know the eyes look like shit

version with just flutters:
suggestive131108 artist:moonatik676 derpibooru exclusive24988 fluttershy201543 annoyed5107 choker9989 chokershy214 eyeshadow13811 female1274536 implied anon607 implied oral1506 implied sex5436 makeup18737 meme79309 offscreen character30702 simple background355239 solo993584 solo female170228 until the choker breaks256 white background88870


not provided yet


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the meme itself (using that word loosely) seems kinda ……. dead on arrival?

Bingo. The artists have yet to branch out and try anything. The obvious has been done by each of them. Lazy bandwagoning is lazy.
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i dunno

the eyes don't really look that bad to me, it's just the meme itself (using that word loosely) seems kinda ……. dead on arrival? the art itself here looks fine as far as i'm concerned
Artist -

"…by the seventh time I came in your throat, only hot air came out….it might help if the choker wasn't made from rubber, don't you think?"