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safe (1487741) artist:mkogwheel (748) applejack (152591) earth pony (167718) pony (766235) leak (1329) spoiler:g5 (699) 12/16/17 (41) applejack (g5) (204) applejack's hat's death (22) axe (1408) braid (4296) bucktooth (515) chest fluff (28209) crying (37328) drama (2969) floppy ears (43272) frown (20398) g5 (859) g5 applejack drama (28) g5 drama (49) glare (7791) gritted teeth (9551) multeity (1753) open mouth (110876) prone (21449) racism in the comments (13) self ponidox (6539) simple background (310655) style emulation (3466) underhoof (43220) unshorn fetlocks (19996) waving (2258) weapon (24491) yeehaw (104) yellow background (933)


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Not always. Some of them can be a bit more down to earth and relatable to their respective audience.

Yeah that's why we have 6 ponies to be diverse from one another and not just one. Literally nothing wrong with having Applejack be a farm pony which might be unfamiliar to girls.
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@Background Pony #4B0F
The other counterparts for the Mane 6 got a few changes over the years but Applejack was always an Earth Pony. The other one who has this much consistency is Rarity since her counterparts are all unicorns.

Twilight Sparkle: Her G3 counterpart is an Earth Pony
Rainbow Dash: Her G3 counterpart is an Earth Pony
Pinkie Pie: Her G1 counterpart is a Pegasus
Fluttershy: Her G1, G2, and G3 counterparts are all Earth Ponies.

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Majority of people live in a city or towns. Country life and especially USA related cowgirl mentality is alienating a lot of newcomers. While our generation created by Faust was very familiar with IndianssVsCowboys and family values/conservatist ideas, the millenial generation is more familiar with black pop stars and urban life in a city. And every country has more city people than countrymen, it make sense to adjust Applejack to a more relatable common citizien while give Fluttershy some of the country/animal subplots.

The point of a cartoon is to be different and more exciting from real life, not copy it.
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I don't like what they're doing here, because I see right through this transparent marketing stunt.

Inb4 more censorship of me for daring to say this, I suppose.
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Protects G4 Applejack LEVE HER ALONE BITCHES!!! shots all G5 Applejack to death with a M60
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Why do all of you care ?.None of you are obligated to follow G5 now that they are not one single person with credentials in animation like Faust on board (which was the main reason it blow up because it give them credibility who vanished following dick moves after dick moves and those here leaks) and that they are back to what they always wanted to be and will never deviate from.A toy company Plus it's worth repeating it,G5 AJ does not make G4 AJ dissapear,the 1984-esque "unperson" narrative pushed by [REDACTED] does not work when you can watch G4 episode to your leisure if this is your favorite version of characters that are interchangeable by their toyetic nature

@mjangelvortex we just need to see how much they pay attention to fan ideas…

Honestly I wish they would make A MLP:Extras series sometime. You know, a series where we see other characters lives without the main six at all…imagine a daring doo episode then a Ra Ra episode…or maybe one of the other cities Cutie Mark Crusader divisions..Basically a series to expand the character Lore for minor characters we all know and love.