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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is rightfully owned and created by Hasbro

I know Babs isn't featured here, that's because I remembered she was an apple family member when doing the cutie marks.

Bic Macintosh and Sugarbelle Family

Big Macintosh — Father
Sugarbelle — Mother/StepMother
Fluttershy — Mother

Sweet Apple — Big Mac & Sugarbelle
Apple Buck — Big Mac & Sugatbelle
Butterfly — Big Mac & Fluttershy
Acorn — Troubleshoes & Fluttershy

Applebloom and Pipsqueak Family

Pipsqueak — Father
Applebloom — Mother

Apple Patch — Son
Toffee Apple — Daughter

Apple Jack and Caramel Family

Caramel — Father
Apple Jack — Mother

Apple Cider — Son
Apple Slice — Daughter
Cinnamon Apple — Daughter
safe1613669 artist:paint-pot6 apple bloom47485 applejack162432 big macintosh27066 caramel2375 fluttershy202812 pipsqueak2758 sugar belle2882 winona2459 oc625720 oc:acorn12 oc:apple buck11 oc:apple cider30 oc:apple patch3 oc:apple slice3 oc:butterfly55 oc:cinnamon apple24 oc:sweet apple70 oc:toffee apple8 pony881299 baby9880 baby pony6191 base used16781 blue background4385 carajack398 female1284388 fluttermac2719 licking18722 male343094 offspring35302 older24302 parent:apple bloom642 parent:applejack3479 parent:big macintosh2786 parent:caramel731 parent:fluttershy4301 parent:pipsqueak252 parent:sugar belle339 parent:trouble shoes364 parents:carajack683 parents:fluttermac1192 parents:pipbloom116 parents:sugarmac215 parents:troubleshy34 pipbloom47 shipping188083 simple background360363 straight127626 sugarmac707 tongue out94784


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