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I know Babs isn’t featured here, that’s because I remembered she was an apple family member when doing the cutie marks.

Bic Macintosh and Sugarbelle Family

Big Macintosh – Father
Sugarbelle – Mother/StepMother
Fluttershy – Mother

Sweet Apple – Big Mac & Sugarbelle
Apple Buck – Big Mac & Sugatbelle
Butterfly – Big Mac & Fluttershy
Acorn – Troubleshoes & Fluttershy

Applebloom and Pipsqueak Family

Pipsqueak – Father
Applebloom – Mother

Apple Patch – Son
Toffee Apple – Daughter

Apple Jack and Caramel Family

Caramel – Father
Apple Jack – Mother

Apple Cider – Son
Apple Slice – Daughter
Cinnamon Apple – Daughter 
safe (1411113)artist:paint-pot (6)apple bloom (42718)applejack (146000)big macintosh (24821)caramel (2217)fluttershy (181918)pipsqueak (2550)sugar belle (2175)winona (2168)oc (517091)oc:acorn (12)oc:apple buck (5)oc:apple cider (19)oc:apple patch (3)oc:apple slice (7)oc:butterfly (48)oc:cinnamon apple (17)oc:sweet apple (49)oc:toffee apple (5)baby (7517)baby pony (5315)base used (10055)blue background (2920)carajack (352)female (744739)fluttermac (2445)licking (15273)male (252416)offspring (28321)older (17478)parent:apple bloom (542)parent:applejack (2700)parent:big macintosh (2079)parent:caramel (583)parent:fluttershy (3331)parent:pipsqueak (206)parents:carajack (543)parents:fluttermac (826)parents:pipbloom (96)parents:sugarmac (156)parents:troubleshy (18)parent:sugar belle (244)parent:troubleshoes clyde (277)pipbloom (42)pony (676300)shipping (161845)simple background (285943)straight (107894)sugarmac (516)tongue out (74489)


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