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Next GEN 1

Mrs. shy and Mr. shy – Parents of Fluttershy and Zephyr Brezze

Next GEN 2

Fluttershy x Big Macintosh – Parents of Hay Flower
Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps – Parents of Strong Fly and Fluffy Bird
Big Macintosh X Sugar Belle – Parents of Apple Delicious Cake
Zephry Breeze X Saffron Masal – Parents of Juicy Chocolate

Next GEN 3
Hay Flower – Daughter of Fluttershy x Big Macintosh
Strong Fly – Son of Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps
Fluffy Bird – Daughter of Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps
Apple Delicious Cake – Daughter of Big Macintosh X Sugar Belle
Juicy Chocolate – Son of Zephry Breeze X Saffron Masal

I didn’t added Big Mac’s family because then it would be to big

Base by Nazo-no-Akuma
safe (1396212)artist:xxbrowniepawxx (6)big macintosh (24613)bulk biceps (2972)fluttershy (179614)gentle breeze (208)posey shy (803)sugar belle (2133)oc (510472)family (3343)family tree (262)female (727397)flutterbulk (201)fluttermac (2416)male (247624)offspring (27866)parent:big macintosh (2035)parent:bulk biceps (335)parent:fluttershy (3275)parents:flutterbulk (273)parents:fluttermac (806)parents:saffron breeze (4)parents:sugarmac (153)parent:sugar belle (241)saffron breeze (7)shipping (159496)straight (106723)sugarmac (501)


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