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safe1586411 artist:cannibalus111 oc609052 oc only409075 oc:adeptus monitus23 oc:cypher16 oc:gor1ck14 oc:puppysmiles271 buffalo588 earth pony205773 pegasus247263 pony856578 action76 bank45 bank robbery20 brick154 brick wall372 bricks91 buffalo oc43 clothes414638 crime84 cutie mark42070 dollar86 ear piercing22266 earring18382 gang27 gangster121 grin33407 hat77222 heist8 jewelry53079 mafia233 male326313 money1200 money bag80 necktie6315 piercing35612 police pony186 robbery97 smiling218152 stallion94362 street679 suit5176 thief334 tommy gun208 vest3504 weapon27675


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Background Pony #6265
Cop: "Do you hear coins jingling?"

Helmeted pony: "Those are obviously your bits, eager to be spent on some donuts!"

Cop: "…yeah, you're right! Apple fritter, here I come!"