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Made these cause I was bored, idk. I used that crackship generator thingy.

I did not make these to be adopts but you can offer, I'm most likely going to keep the Luna x Silver girl tho.
safe1575874 artist:saphi-boo181 big macintosh26875 chief thunderhooves256 dj pon-328115 dumbbell606 frazzle rock115 king sombra12686 minuette5360 pipsqueak2708 princess luna94006 rainbow dash219424 silver spoon6221 spike74860 suri polomare1121 trixie62155 twilight sparkle282768 vinyl scratch32211 zecora8792 oc605172 alicorn195382 dragon48197 earth pony199181 half-dragon27 hybrid15267 pegasus239732 pony846033 unicorn266322 zony746 bust40740 crack ship offspring230 dumbdash142 female899608 frazzletrix1 gay25260 interspecies offspring6395 lesbian92240 magical gay spawn885 magical lesbian spawn10746 male305619 mare415673 minumare1 offspring34457 parent:big macintosh2677 parent:chief thunderhooves3 parent:dumbbell336 parent:frazzle rock3 parent:king sombra1042 parent:minuette51 parent:pipsqueak238 parent:princess luna1950 parent:rainbow dash5015 parent:silver spoon90 parent:spike1983 parent:suri polomare52 parent:trixie1707 parent:twilight sparkle7332 parent:vinyl scratch373 parent:zecora303 parents:dumbdash235 parents:frazzletrix1 parents:minumare1 parents:pipmac1 parents:silverluna1 parents:thunderspike1 parents:twicora16 parents:vinylsombra1 pipmac1 shipping184096 silverluna1 simple background345795 straight121720 thunderspike2 transparent background179708 twicora57 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115230 vinylsombra2


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