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Equestria at War

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Chrome, pegasus
I literally have no idea for her I just wanted to stylize a pony after the internet browser. It looks cool, I think. (Then I took the design and recolored it because I ain’t losing a good idea to copyright!) Maybe she is Pixie Dust’s alter ego..? (Like Midnight Sparkle from Equestria Girls but with more browser crashes and wifi-dependency )

Pixie Dust, pegasus, excitable, probably still believes in Santa Hooves
Pixie has a vivid imagination, sometimes losing sight of what is real, but she has big dreams and a huge heart. Her talent is 3-d art such as recycled statues and especially chalk. When she was trying to get her cutie mark, like the CMC, she tried many new things, but when she got her cutie mark she continued to try out different things, forming a taste for new challenges. She loves chatting with other ponies, learning how they got their special talents and learning everything she can from them.

Tootie Fruity, earth pony, spunky
Tootie, daughter of Piña Colada, is very much a mama’s girl, with an admiration for her mother’s strength. She has a tendency to follow behind and pick up quirks to mimic from her mom, and as a result has a hard time expressing herself and being dependent. She is around the age when ponies receive their cutie marks, and she has no idea what her own talent is – and is a little afraid of what it could be. When by herself, she has a hard time meeting other ponies; her voice squeaks when she is nervous, so she is usually quiet. When she does find herself though, watch out!

Piña Colada, earth pony, fierce and proud
Piña is Hispanic and proud, showing her culture through everything she does. She is loud and can be a tad obnoxious, still "young at heart" when it comes to partying and being rowdy – her best friend, Apple Martini, isn’t the best help with that. She can be a bit irresponsible at times, loving to start projects but not so much finish them, and finds it hard to raise a daughter without her husband. But she does, and it is her greatest joy. Her talent is writing and singing – she writes poems, songs, and everything in between (including, sometimes, her daughter’s homework). She has not shown her talents much in a long time, other than open mics at her favorite cantina, but her friend always brags about her.

Apple Martini, earth pony, silly but irresponsible
Apple has a very bold mindset, being able to take risks or make decisions without much thought. She is impulsive and irresponsible, which hides her insecurities. Her best (and only close) friend is Piña Colada, and she feels that one day, Piña will grow famous with her musical talent and leave Apple behind (which isn’t true!). Her talent is her ability to endure /anything/ with grace; even with her rowdy habits, she is very lucky and can manage to get through a bind with the upper hand.

Thin Mint, earth pony, determined and peppy
Thin Mint is a filly scout, destined to be head cheerleader when she grows up and probably rule the world while she’s at it. She has big dreams and is willing to work long hours to achieve them. Mint is not frail in the slightest, growing up with rowdy older brothers who always had her back. She is a little headstrong and overconfident at times, sometimes getting lost in her own ideas and losing sight of how ponies are feeling around her. But with time and a lot of patience, she will make a great leader.

All characters © midnightpremiere


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