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Anonymous asked
Is there like an evil second-dimension version of florb, called Ceiling Excited?

burn it


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Background Pony #55D0
You telling me not to worry about it is making me more worried about than I would have been had you not told me not to worry about it.
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Background Pony #914A
Name ideas:
>Canopy Wire
A bubbly circus performer. A canopy is like a ceiling, and what you’d call the ceiling of a circus tent, and wire can refer to the tight rope, as well as saying someone is wired, like very excited.
>Plafond Passion
A Prench artist and interior decorator visiting her Equestrian relative. A plafond is an ornately decorated ceiling, and she’s a very passionate pony.
>High Spirits
Just a happy go lucky mare who always looks on the bright side. Pushing it with high opposing Floor, but the floor is low, so good enough. High spirits is, in itself, a good opposite to bored, but spirited also works.

What do you all think? Any good ones? Any suggestions for more?
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