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Dunno if you guys heard, but there was a Chist- no, a Chrysmas pack that was released on Christmas eve last year. Sorry I didn't advertise it; I was on holiday. Anywho, here it is. My submission, at least.

You can get the whole pack here
Just click that Dropbox link to download it.
suggestive141127 alternate version44148 artist:evan555alpha206 queen chrysalis34517 changeling46828 pony952989 absurd resolution65912 bauble136 bedroom eyes58718 belly28034 big belly11033 ceiling light46 choker11767 christmas13997 christmas changeling193 christmas lights1768 christmas tree4141 clothes454118 corset4277 couch8109 dialogue64593 holiday20039 huge belly3422 hyper10176 hyper pregnancy2674 impossibly large belly10314 lingerie10397 pregnant13063 present5935 see-through5159 stockings32236 stripes1283 thigh highs35658 translucent stockings3 tree31815 wall painting16 wardrobe malfunction5038


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Anyone have a direct link to the Dropbox? The page here is locked without a Tumblr account.
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At this point, i'd imagine she's actually stalling labor (equines can actually do this for a bit) just so she can give her lover that beautiful belly to worship however they want for that day.