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explicit389633 artist:vincher595 derpibooru exclusive31604 fluttershy227821 pegasus356900 pony1207548 aftersex10358 bedroom eyes67043 blushing222043 choker15228 chokershy300 cum87704 cum in mouth11936 cum on tongue698 ear fluff37298 eyeshadow19326 facial9005 female1502608 heart54930 holy fuck the choker actually broke149 implied straight5734 lidded eyes35283 looking at you196582 makeup26872 mare557962 open mouth176406 simple background456438 solo1184176 solo female195658 tongue out118521 transparent background230195 until the choker breaks310


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Well….as you could tell by how it’s nowhere near the 900 upvotes of the originals, it’s not exactly the quality I was hoping for unlike Shinodage, Alcor, or Evehly’s work, to name a few, if not just Rei or Jay themself.