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explicit423745 artist:vincher608 derpibooru exclusive35327 fluttershy240533 pegasus416591 pony1347746 aftersex11200 bedroom eyes73842 blushing242549 choker17796 chokershy312 cum94954 cum in mouth13075 cum on tongue756 ear fluff42598 eyeshadow23492 facial9778 female1625171 heart63377 holy fuck the choker actually broke167 implied straight6064 lidded eyes40123 looking at you221875 makeup32055 mare630380 open mouth202148 simple background512228 solo1287449 solo female210311 tongue out130801 transparent background251691 until the choker breaks331


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Well….as you could tell by how it’s nowhere near the 900 upvotes of the originals, it’s not exactly the quality I was hoping for unlike Shinodage, Alcor, or Evehly’s work, to name a few, if not just Rei or Jay themself.