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The next family we have here is Sunset Shimmer’s family.

Mom: Sunset Shimmer
Dad: Flash Sentry
Stepbrother: Flashlight
Stepsister: Flashsparkle [belongs to Sarahstubbs]
Stepsister: Brightshine [belongs to Sarahstubbs]
Brother: Flare Shield
Brother: Sun Sentry

Can we do an Art Trade?
    Maybe idk.
Can you draw my next generation?
    Yes, but only a few people.
Can you do a commission for me?
    Commissions are closed.
Can I draw your OC’s?
    If you asked me in the comments and have mine permission than you can, but don’t steal it.
Can I whrite you a crack ship that you can do?
    Of course you can ^^.
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