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A late entry, requested by Joey for Dragonwraith
safe1576787 artist:cheezedoodle96802 oc605717 oc only410092 oc:dragonmaus3 mouse1098 2018 community collab526 derpibooru community collaboration2877 .svg available7457 dragon costume219 drinking straw565 fake horns69 fake wings564 flying34360 looking at you144127 male305876 simple background346087 solo973927 svg3172 transparent background179833 vector71247


not provided yet


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PM me your cute OCs
2017-12-30 21:09:34 +DragonMaus makes me wish I had an OC :/
2017-12-30 21:10:23 +ArmadilloEater DragonMaus, I only got one to participate you know
2017-12-30 21:10:28 %Joey Anyone wanna vector a mouse with fake dragon wings strapped to it's back? I'll give you $10
2017-12-30 21:10:46 +DragonMaus lol
2017-12-30 21:10:47 * Joey pokes LightningBolt and cheezedoodle
2017-12-30 21:11:03 +DragonMaus that'd be awesome
2017-12-30 21:13:46 cheezedoodle Joey: like, a show-style mouse?
2017-12-30 21:13:54 %Joey Yeah
2017-12-30 21:14:11 cheezedoodle what's the context, is it for in the collab or a badge or something
2017-12-30 21:14:45 %Joey For the collab, DragonMaus doesn't have an OC for the collab, and somehow the obvious answer of a little tiny mouse with fake dragon wings evaded him :P

And that's the story of how DragonWraith got an OC.

(Also, Good Guy Cheezedoodle didn't even charge me the $10)