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Personal headcanon – Bloomie and Sweetie are half-sisters!

Discuss if you wish, but please no flames. I don’t want to start a war, this is only a headcanon.

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@Wild Stallions
I could make excuses, but ultimately it’s not a matter of plausibility. I just don’t like the idea of the Apples as stereotypical rednecks. It’s not even the incest itself, I just feel like that opens the door for all the other things the stereotype implies.
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Phantom Rider's avatar
Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
Old but good! To me, at least Apple Bloom will always be the result of AJ and Mac’s forbidden apple-y passion. (And Granny Smith thinks it’s hilarious that they actually don’t think anyone knows.)
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Yet One More Idiot

(Previously known as Yet_One_More_Idiot)

World's biggest idiot xD
True, but this does combine Applecest with "CMC are the Mane 6’s daughters", and a healthy dose of "Big Mac Gets Around" too, since it makes the CMC half-sisters as well. :)
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