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opa mama here we go again with the SFM MLP anthro that isn’t really anthro but is and is better than normal SFM MLP anthro :^)

Rendered at 9600x5400 @ 256 DoF samples, rotated 90°
18 lights used in this scene (4 volumetric)

Programs used:
– Source Filmmaker
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
– VTFEdit

Models used:
– Sunset Shimmer (EQG):
– Sunset Shimmer (Pony):
– Twilight Sparkle: (private model)
– Boots:
– Hoodie:


safe (1459997)artist:imafutureguitarhero (264)sci-twi (19445)sunset shimmer (51946)twilight sparkle (265643)alicorn (170383)anthro (206001)pony (725119)unguligrade anthro (38237)unicorn (216043)equestria girls (163930)3d (53124)absurd file size (507)absurd resolution (61912)adidas (127)alternate hairstyle (21801)anthro with ponies (1791)black bars (174)boots (16513)border (124)chromatic aberration (1271)clothes (366511)cute (154291)dress (35924)equestria girls ponified (3651)female (787074)film grain (175)floppy ears (42260)hoodie (10623)horn (28841)jacket (9197)leather jacket (2592)lesbian (84255)open mouth (107642)pants (10225)ponified (35582)ponytail (13653)scitwilicorn (515)scitwishimmer (2002)shipping (168655)shoes (25130)signature (15383)sitting on head (105)skirt (32300)source filmmaker (31781)sunsetsparkle (4067)tongue out (78335)tracksuit (185)twiabetes (8654)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105165)vertical (105)wings (55989)


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Is that Adidas tracksuit that twilight is wearing?
*hardbass starts playing from a distance
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