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opa mama here we go again with the SFM MLP anthro that isn't really anthro but is and is better than normal SFM MLP anthro :^)

Rendered at 9600x5400 @ 256 DoF samples, rotated 90°
18 lights used in this scene (4 volumetric)

Programs used:
- Source Filmmaker
- Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
- VTFEdit

Models used:
- Sunset Shimmer (EQG):
- Sunset Shimmer (Pony):
- Twilight Sparkle: (private model)
- Boots:
- Hoodie:


safe1615765 artist:imafutureguitarhero284 sci-twi22500 sunset shimmer58912 twilight sparkle288327 alicorn206089 pony883537 unicorn285288 anthro240209 unguligrade anthro44431 equestria girls187602 3d67762 absurd file size679 absurd resolution64304 adidas150 alternate hairstyle25686 anthro with ponies2427 black bars218 boots19796 border167 chromatic aberration1387 clothes426038 cute186277 dress41142 equestria girls ponified4107 female1286228 film grain194 floppy ears47839 hoodie12798 horn52075 jacket11369 leather jacket3033 lesbian91862 open mouth129880 pants12974 ponified39010 ponytail16450 scitwilicorn542 scitwishimmer2083 shipping188340 shoes32248 signature20778 sitting on head161 skirt37039 source filmmaker41141 sunsetsparkle4158 tongue out95017 tracksuit215 twiabetes10839 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118387 vertical114 wings87749


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