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suggestive (113127)artist:zelc-face (279)gloriosa daisy (1631)equestria girls (159759)legend of everfree (7041)adorasexy (7608)alternative cutie mark placement (1091)armpits (35603)belly button (59701)bicolor swimsuit (189)bikini (13744)blushing (153843)breasts (203662)busty gloriosa daisy (146)clothes (355821)crotchmark (269)cute (148617)daisybetes (58)female (760348)flower (18415)flower in hair (5338)flower pattern swimsuit (15)frilled swimsuit (206)green swimsuit (148)long hair (2798)looking at you (120528)sexy (18485)smiling (183263)solo (876206)solo female (154917)stupid sexy gloriosa daisy (10)swimsuit (20925)underass (2015)zelc-face's swimsuits (52)


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Background Pony #11FB

Not exactly; there are many; and I say MANY girls that remained left out of what he originally planned (including a lot of fan favorites), and for those who want to see a specific one of those girls, it would probably have to be through commissions. He might retake this with a 3rd pack in spring,(I wish to believe he’ll continue it) but I’m not putting my hopes too high.
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Background Pony #4355
Finally, Thank you!👍
Last but not least Juniper please, I can’t wait how she’ll turn out
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