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explicit410563 artist:blackjr555 fizzlepop berrytwist9664 tempest shadow18167 twilight sparkle330086 alicorn269778 unicorn433924 anthro309989 plantigrade anthro42090 my little pony: the movie20580 3d99550 animated111746 armpits45000 barefoot32179 big breasts104095 blowjob36991 breasts336061 busty tempest shadow821 busty twilight sparkle14264 creampie37809 cum92235 deepthroat6118 dominant pov459 feet47965 female1579520 female on futa849 female pov915 first person view653 futa54000 futa on female13729 futa twilight sparkle6036 insertion20624 intersex51937 moaning7918 moaning in pleasure4080 nipples206753 nudity444679 offscreen character42890 offscreen female250 oral56998 patreon14037 patreon reward2017 penetration72686 penis184309 pov16788 sex146103 shipping227232 sound12638 source filmmaker58217 submissive pov1164 taker pov203 tempestlight3611 this will end in pregnancy1980 vaginal48177 vaginal creampie3833 vaginal insertion7412 vulva157506 webm19199


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💙~Milf Hunter~💙
I like to think tempest shadow is milking tiwlight of her magic, because thats the only other way you can do it, Without some magic staff.
Background Pony #182E
Considering that’s a soundclip of an actual blowjob? I mean, blowjobs can get pretty darn noisy. It’s not that they’re supposed to be quiet or noisy, and that being noisy is bad. Porn gives an odd view of what actual sex is like. So if you’ve never had a variety of different beej techniques used on you, this probably sounds like someone screwed up the audio. It is, however, distracting from the art.
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Feeling sick
Oh. Good question. I made my ponysona so long ago I honestly couldn’t tell you. Only that it was the best sounding (without being too on-the-nose) name for a depressed pony.  
Also thanks!