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A collection of Dakimakura style pin-ups of ponies in and out of school uniform!

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safe (1287870)artist:alcor (560)fluttershy (167999)box (3034)cheek fluff (2138)christmas (8932)curled up (184)cute (121677)daaaaaaaaaaaw (1914)dock (32148)ear fluff (13655)eyes closed (57812)female (632497)folded wings (2100)gift horse (1)hat (53885)hnnng (1782)holiday (9702)leg fluff (904)mare (270041):o (2740)open mouth (87747)pegasus (149407)pony (564711)pony in a box (621)present (4233)santa hat (4364)shoulder fluff (830)shyabetes (7290)side (4870)sleeping (17177)smiley face (317)solo (790367)underhoof (36615)weapons-grade cute (2323)wing fluff (786)zzz (1641)


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Background Pony #A9ED
I didn’t see the comment but why is it that sometimes those who break rule 7 get their post deleted while other times they get it spoiled?
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Background Pony #A9ED

As long as you don’t shatter her glass dome then you should be fine (if you do, then you die a horrible death when the stuff inside leaks out).
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Comments48 comments posted