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safe (1427980)artist:magnaluna (891)twilight sparkle (260223)alicorn (163267)pony (695433)abstract background (9232)alternate hairstyle (21264)blue mane (481)blue tail (84)cheek fluff (3141)christmas (9252)clothes (355304)colored pupils (7515)colored wings (4134)colored wingtips (1345)costume (21653)crown (10735)cute (148293)cutie mark (33874)ear fluff (17772)eyelashes (3067)female (759078)holiday (10887)horn (26047)jewelry (38954)long tail (1639)looking away (2833)mare (334674)multicolored mane (542)multicolored tail (719)pink mane (551)pink tail (140)purple mane (326)purple tail (101)regalia (12255)santa costume (1112)short mane (625)sitting (46044)smiling (182954)solo (875212)stars (11410)tail (14733)twiabetes (8052)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101921)wing fluff (1235)wings (52855)


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #022F
After such a disappointings S6 for her (mostly because she turned into a BG pony, Top Bolt aside), she completely regained her notch in the S7. And if what I saw from the leaks of S8 is an indication,
She will keep mantaining that in that season too. Let’s just hope she will mantain that even in the ninth and final season. Twilight is my favorite character ever AND I DON’T FUCKING CARE IF MANY PEOPLE CAME TO HATE HER.
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